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What's happening in the world of green tech?

The Green Energy Revolution Will Happen Without Trump
As you may know, Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord. However, many states are leaning away from coal in the direction of natural gas. Almost all states have decreased their consumption of coal as an energy source. Trump is being left behind.

Elon Musk: In Seven Years, SpaceX Could Land Humans on Mars
Elon Musk plans to send humans to Mars in the giant rocket he’s building by 2024 (although he has not yet specified how humans will be able to breathe and survive on the red planet).

The five innovations that shaped sustainability in 2016
One of the innovations:
The Seabin: a trash can for the ocean! There are about 5.25 tons of plastic debris in the ocean; the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (or the Pacific trash vortex) is a shocking example of our pollution in the Earth’s oceans. 

French PM Macron Gives Dire Warning on Climate Change
At the One Planet Summit in Paris, held a year after the Paris agreement conference, Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron warns countries that attended the Summit of the fast paced shifts in weather associated with a changing climate, an example being the conditions that promoted raging forest fires across California.