March 2019: Environmental Solutions 

Editor’s Note

Hi Everyone,

 Welcome to 2019!

As we began the new year, we wanted to start afresh by exploring a variety of different solutions to environmental problems. From the implementation of a carbon tax to the creation of a dialogue around climate change, writers from the ISSC dived into the ways that we can make our planet a greener place. We also explored the ways in which Hawaii’s Big Island was setting the standard for sustainability and how it might be worth our while to make the Impossible Burger a part of our diet. Make sure to take a look!

On top of our diverse selection of articles, we are also featuring several artists here this March. We have some wonderful photography, cartoons, and paintings to share with you, so make sure to check out their work!

All in all, we’re proud to bring this very successful issue to you as we head towards March Break. Thanks to all the writers and artists who submitted work. We couldn’t have done it without you.