To Catch a Salmon 

By: Rory Hallowell; Milton Academy

To catch a bass
You must be strong
You must be patient
You must hold on
You must persist
This fighting fish
Is known to resist

To catch a trout
You must wait day long
You must not mess about
Listen to the river song
This handsome fish
The most elegant of all
It strikes with a swish
You can stand so tall

The sound of the water
Soothes restless souls
Look for the river otters
On river patrols

The occasional bite
Will keep you upright
The river won’t cease
If you catch, you release

To catch a salmon, the king of them all
You must finesse your line
But be strong, like King Kong
You must not give in
The salmon will fight
But when it’s twilight
When everything’s right
Nothing can be said
Nothing can be done
You did your best
You caught the GREAT ONE 

Lonely Magma

By: Paris Cipollone; Loomis Chaffee School

The landscape seems barren.
Flies shoot over crumbled black boulders
While newly planted trees creep toward the sun.
A lonely volcano towers over the surroundings.
It has seen the extinction of ancient trees.
It has seen the construction of cement snakes.
It has seen the cycle of life.