By Ira Sobchyshyna ‘20 — Milton Academy

Sun reaching through the transparent glass,

Fresh breeze sneaking in through narrow

Entryway of slightly open window are entangling

With the brush and leading it.

The brush flows, floats, glides over the surface,

Then settles and dissolves in the matte skin of the paper,

Bringing forth a new life. From within

Emerges cypress evergreen

And fills the room with ephemeral fragrance,

Delicately sharp

And smoky.

Peacefully the branches crackle,

Whispering to bustling robins outside, reaching out to break

The fragile screen of luminous glass and break free,

Rejoice in blooming Nature...

Spring gives way to Summer, latter yields its graceful power to Fall

And Winter ascends the throne at last.

Day after day, year after year.

And with the same persistence, yet belligerent,

Wild Beast of Human Nature penetrates the air

With spits of ghastly exhausts, deadly fumes,

Inhibiting the sunshine, hushing the untroubled voices.

Day after day, year after year,

It claws the flesh of Earth with oil drills, infects it with

Toxicity of waste, wrinkles with deep mines.

The creature of our own hand screeches

In the barbaric language of factories,

Never-ending traffic and trees falling in agony.

Its skreak subdues the subtle song of Nature

Until one day, it’s gone.

No robin left to chatter, no freshness left to please

The senses. The murky haze

Has hidden all the sunlight.

And only on the paper timeless, vivid, sweet-scented

Cypress thrives,

A solemn relic of forgotten Nature’s reign.