December 2017: Green Tech

Editor's Note:

Hello and welcome to our second issue of Gaia!

This issue, we’re focusing on green tech! In our day and age, the possibilities of technology are endless. Applied to climate issues, we address the issue of climate change on so many fronts from agriculture to energy sources to extraterrestrial ambitions! 

There is a lot to report on, and a lot to say about green tech. Will it do more harm? Will it reverse the mess we have made? Will technology be the savior to restore the balance of Nature?

Because the bounds of green technology are always expanding and always unknown, we’ll let the writing and art speak for themselves. 

We hope you submit to Gaia for our next issue that is coming up. The topic is: Food production! The world of food production is wide and tied in with every other part of sustainability. From the politically charged history within the agriculture, seed, and livestock industry to new sustainable solutions for farmers to consumer power, food production is a topic that can be explored to no end. So feel free to take one of any of these ideas and explore what is happening and what we should or could do about food.